Bigg Boss Tamil Vote (Online Voting) – Unofficial

Here is the complete details about Bigg Boss Tamil Vote online. The second season of Big Boss Tamil show held from June to September 2018. The Bigg Boss 2 Tamil voting poll for eviction nominees to happen each week. The nominees who receive more number of vote from public will be safe for next round. Viewers can register vote by two method Online and Missed call.Check out below to know more about Bigg Boss tamil voting Season 2 online, results, missed call numbers, status and more.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online Voting – (Unofficial)

Bigg Boss Vote Tamil

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 2 – The season going to play for 100 days with 15 celebrity and non-celebrity contestants. The show host by Ulaganayan Kamal Haasan and telecast in Vijay Television. Each week participant can nominate any two other co-contestant for eviction, the people with most number of nomination will be elected for public vote poll.

Now visitors can help to make their favorite contnewestant to stay in the show by cast their vote. Check out below for Bigg Boss Vote (Online Voting Poll), Rules, Missed Call number, Eviction list and further details regarding Voting process.

Bigg Boss Tami Voting Poll (Unofficial)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below added is Unofficial Public opinion poll, which will not count for result. People only able to cast vote in So we never try to mislead any visitors. If anyone have obsession with the content then please skip the page.

(Disclaimer: The above vote poll of bigg boss is conducted by to know about public opinion, not official. To vote officially for your favorite contestant, check out the steps below)

Bigg Boss 2 Tamil Vote: For the tenth week of Bigg boss tamil vote, four contestants has been nominated. Balaji, Sendrayan, Mahat and Mumtaj are the contestants nominated for the week for online voting.

Go to Google and type ‘ Bigg Boss Vote ‘ (or) Click Here and register cast the vote for your favorite contestant. Click below links to know more details about the Big Boss Vote Method.

Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting Process

If you don’t know How to vote for Bigg Boss Eviction contestants online, then follow below steps.

1.) Go to Google Search and type ‘ Bigg Boss Vote ‘ (or) ‘ Bigg Boss Voting ‘ (or) Click Here

2.) Now you can see Contestants list for voting below search bar.

3.) Now log in from your gamil account to register the vote.

4.) After logged In, Select your favourite contestant and slide maximum of 50 votes per day.

5.) User can split vote for different contestant from their maximum limit of 50 per day.

6.) After selecting vote, Please Submit Vote button to complete the process.

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Contestant List

The first season of Tamil bigg boss is playing with total of 15 celebrity and non-celebrity contestants. The all housemates has been isolated from outside world for 100 days. Each week one contestant going to eliminate from the show (Wiki). Here is the list of Bigg Boss Tamil contestants for season 2 below:

Sl. NoContestants ProfessionStatus
1Yashika AanandActress In the house
2Janani IyerActress In the house
3Ananth Vaidyanathan Singer Eliminated
4Thaadi BalajiActorIn the house
5Nithya Thaadi Balaji Commoner Eliminated
6Daniel Anne Pope
ActorIn the house
7PonnambalamActorIn the house
8Aishwarya Dutta
Actress In the house
9Mahat Raghavendra
ActorIn the house
10MumtajActress In the house
11RiythvikaActressIn the house
12Mamathi Chari Actress Eliminated
13Ramya NSK SingerEliminated
14SendrayanActorIn the house
15Shariq Khan ActorIn the house
16VaishnaviRadio JockeyIn the house

The detailed List of Contestants for Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 are

Aishwarya Dutta

Aishwarya Bigg Boss Vote

Aishwarya is a film actress who made her debut in the film “Thamizhukku En Ondrai Azhuthavum”.

Ananth Vaidhyanathan

Ananth Vaithiyanadhan Bigg Boss Vote

Ananth Vaidhyanathan is a voice expert and also a television personality who appears in Vijay Television show Super Singer. He trained many super singer participants by correcting their voice and make them to perform better in the Super Singer reality Show.

Daniel Anne Pope

Daniel Annie Pope bigg boss vote

Daniel is a comedy actor in Tamil Film Industry. He made his debut in the movie named Polladhavan.
He is noted for his performance in “Idharku Thane Aasai pattai Balakumara” film with his popular dialogue – “Friendu Love materru, feel aaitapla, Oru half saapta cool aaiduvapla.”

Janani Iyer

janani iyer bigg boss vote

Janani Iyer is an actress from Tamil Film Industry. She started her carreer in the film “Avan Ivan”. Before coming to the film industry she played her role in advertisements.

Mahat Raghavendra

mahat bigg boss tamil vote

Mahat plays as a support actor in Tamil Film Industry. He introduced by Simbu in the film Vallavan. One of his notable character in the film “Mangatha” starred by Thala Ajith Kumar.


mumtaj bigg boss tamil vote

Mumtaj is a popular actress in Tamil film Industry. She entered in the career through the film “Monisha En Monalisa” by Director T.R. Rajendhar. She is one of the well known contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2.

Mamathi Chari

mamathi chari bigg boss tamil vote

Mamathi is a multi personate. She is an anchor, television actress, Book Writer, Radio Jockey.

Nithya Thaadi Balaji

nithya bigg boss tamil vote

Nithya is a commoner and related to the television or film industry. She is wife of Thaadi Balaji who is a comedian and television judge of the show “Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru”.


ponambalam bigg boss tamil vote

Ponnambalam is a popular actor in Tamil Film Industry. He plays Villian role in many tamil films.

Ramya NSK

ramya bigg boss vote

Ramya is a playback singer who is grand daughter of comedian N.S.Krishnan.


riythvika bigg boss vote

Ritythvika is a film actress who played supporting roles in tamil films. Her performance in the film “Madras” is notable.


sentrayan bigg boss tamil vote

Sendrayan is a film actor who plays as comedian. His performance in the film “Moodar Kodam” is appreciated by film audience.

Shariq Khan

shariq hassan bigg boss tamil vote

Shariq Khan is the son of Uma Riaz and Riaz Khan. Both Uma Riaz and Riaz Khan are popular film industry person. Through their fame, their son entered into Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2.

Thaadi Balaji

balaji bigg boss vote

Thaadi Balaji is a comedian who acted in many tamil films. Now he performed as judge in the popular television show “Kalakka povadhu Yaaru” telecasted in Vijay TV.


vaishnavi bigg boss vote

Vaishnavi is a radio jockey and journalist. Without any popularity in the television or film industry she entered into the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2.

Yashika Anand

yashika bigg boss tamil vote

Yashika Anand is a model and film actress who got popularity through the adult comedy film “Iruttu Arayil Murattu Kuthu”.

Bigg Boss Missed Call Voting Details 

Viewers can also cast their vote via mobile phone by giving missed call to favourite participant. Only a maximum of 10 votes will be avilable per phone during vote cycle. To know missed call number details for you favourite contestant, check out below.

To Vote for Yashika Aanand – Give Missed Call to – 8367796816

To Vote for Ponnambalam – Give Missed Call to – 8367796810

To Vote for Riythvika – Give Missed Call to – 8367796812

To Vote for Mamathi Chari – Give Missed Call to – 8367796807

To Vote for Ramya NSK – Give Missed Call to – 8367796811

To Vote for Sendrayan – Give Missed Call to – 8367796813

To Vote for Thaadi Balaji – Give Missed Call to – 8367796803

To Vote for Nithya Thaadi Balaji – Give Missed Call to – 8367796809

To Vote for Daniel Anne Pope – Give Missed Call to – 8367796804

To Vote for Aishwarya Dutta – Give Missed Call to – 8367796801

To Vote for Mahat Raghavendra – Give Missed Call to – 8367796806

To Vote for Mumtaj – Give Missed Call to – 8367796808

To Vote for Shariq Khan – Give Missed Call to – 8367796814

To Vote for Vaishnavi – Give Missed Call to – 8367796815

To Vote for Janani Iyer – Give Missed Call to – 8367796805

To Vote for Ananth Vaidyanathan – Give Missed Call to – 8367796802

Bigg Boss Elimination List

Here is the complete list of Bigg Boss Tamil Eliminated contestants. The eviction done based on public voting poll, each week one contestant evicted from the house.

Week 1 – No Elimination 

For the first week of bigg boss 2 tamil, there is no eviction. However housemates don’t know about the news. They have nominated four contestants for the week. Mumtaz, Anand Vaithiyanadhan, Riythvika and Nithya are the contestants nominated by other participants.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online Season 2 – Step by Step Tutorial :

Bigg Boss Tamil is a reality show which is telecasted in Vijay TV. The show is telecasted in the Tamil language which is hosted by popular actor Kamal Haasan.

Bigg Boss Tamil follows the Big Brother format which was originally developed by a Dutch-based media company called Endemol.

After this Bigg Boss show success over the USA, UK they launched the reality shows in India with their company name Endemol India.

Bigg Boss Tamil Show Overview:

The reality show “Bigg Boss Tamil” overview is there will be a number of contestants also called housemates they sent to a well-furnished house and they need to live there for a number of days. (100 days).

This reality show also shows their interest, friendship, the fight between contestants, anger, love and many emotional things happen over the housemates.

On every week of the Bigg Boss Tamil reality show, one of the housemates got eliminated through the nomination process of inside housemates and voting process from the program viewers.

The Bigg Boss Tamil housemate who gets the least number of votes in the Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Online process will get eliminated for that week.

From there each week continuous process will happen followed by nomination and Bigg Boss Tamil Voting online and elimination.

The last 2 housemates who left over the elimination process, will be announced as the winner (The one who get most votes in Bigg Boss Tamil Vote ) and the subsequent another housemate will be declared as the runner-up of the reality show.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Season 2 Process Online :

For this popular reality show which is broadcasted in Tamil, there are millions of audience for this Bigg Boss Tamil reality show. During each week elimination process, the viewers of this show can cast their vote to their favourite housemates or contestants.

We will guide you how to vote in Bigg Boss Tamil Vijay TV Season 2

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote in Google – Easy step by step process

Viewers who are willing to vote for their favourite housemate can cast their vote by below process

Step 1: Type Bigg Boss Tamil Vote in Google.

Step 2: If the elimination process is added you can able to see the list of contestants in boxes.

Step 3: Before starting the voting make sure you are signed into your Google account

Step 4: You are given with 50 points and you can split the 50 points and give to any contestants.

For example, You can vote 10 points to first one and 40 points to the second one.

Step 5: Finally click submit to confirm your vote.

Step 6: After successful submission, you redirected to the same page with the entered vote count.

Since the voting process for one email id one time, you cannot vote again with the same email account.

If you want to vote your favourite contest more means vote them with another email account as much as you can.

Since google allowed only one vote per email account is to stop fraudulent votes and fake votes.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online Process

The official voting process of Bigg Boss Tamil is to cast your vote Online.

There are many public opinion polls offered by many websites like us, you can cast your vote and support your favourite housemates.

Some of the popular websites which conducting public opinion poll is

But to declare to the viewers, the public opinion poll is not the official one.

How the votes from the viewers are counted?

From the Google voting count which is voted using “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote” by the viewers, the allowed 50 points from the viewers which split to contestants are aggregated as a total.

Based on the total count of the vote cast from Google, the further process will happen.

How the elimination process happen?

During each week elimination process, the contestant who gets least votes than the only contestant who gets more votes will get the elimination.

For Example:

Let’s take contestant 1, contestant 2, contestant 3, contestant 4 are in the elimination process for that week.

contestant 3 get low votes and remaining all contestants get more votes than contestant 3 means, then contestant 3 with low votes got eliminated.

The eliminated contestants are no longer able to stay inside the house. They will be sent out along with their luggage.

Which Housemates are saved from the Eviction?

On the weekly elimination process, the contestant who gets more votes in the Bigg Boss Tamil Voting process will be saved from the Eviction. And this saved person will stay in the house.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Result

The result of the elimination process is announced during the weekend of the show by the show host Kamal Hassan.

The process of result announcement is directly told to the contestants by Kamal Hassan through the video conferencing, Which is called Aham TV by the host.

After the result announced the person who got low votes will be sent out.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 – Vijay TV

This popular reality show hosted by Kamal Hassan in Star Vijay TV is one of the show which gets more TRP rate in Tamil Television industry.

Launch Date

The show Bigg Boss Tamil – Season 2 is officially started in June 17, 2018. As there are so much anticipation and expectation all over the Bigg Boss Tamil fans in the world, after the show launched the contestants are revealed.

Broadcast – Vijay TV

Star Vijay TV got the licence to telecast Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 and Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 from Endemol India.


Bigg Boss Tamil reality Show Season 2 is also streamed in Hotstar website, a popular video streaming website, which stream popular television shows and movies online.

The House

The reality show “Bigg Boss Tamil” is conducted inside a well furnished house which consists of sufficient space and rooms. This house contains two big bedrooms which can occupy all the contestants.

There will be seperate bedroom for female contestants and another seperate bedroom for male contestants.

Apart from bedrooms there is a store room which has all the food items that required for the contestants to cook, seperate furnished toilet bathrooms.

Another room called confession room, which is a private room. In this room all the eviction process nomination happens.

The Bigg Boss of the house call each contestants to this room and ask them whom they willing to nominate for the week nomination.

Also if incase any of the contestant want to talk to Bigg Boss they will be discussed privately inside this confession room along with Bigg Boss.
This confession room has a big chair and a Television.

There is also a big dining hall which has sufficient chairs for all contestants to sit and have their food prepared by the co contestants.

There is a big hall along with a big television. In this hall, every week, the host Kamal Haasan meet the housemates though video conferencing in the telivision placed in the main hall.

There is also a garden area outside the house. In this garden area, an attached swimming pool is there.

Housemates can use this swimming pool whenever they need.
Most of the team activities, tasks are happened in this garden area.
There is also a smoking room is in this house. Contestants can smoke inside this room.

This wont be recorded and telecasted public in the show.
Apart from smoking room and toilet bathrooms, all other areas are monitered by cameras.
In this season 2 of Bigg Boss Tamil, there is also a Jail room for punishment.

If any contestant caught cheating or not following rules of Bigg Boss, they will be sent to this Jail room.

Bigg Boss Tamil House Location

The house of Bigg Boss Tamil is constructed as a Set worth of 1 crore and located in EVP theme park.

EVP Theme park is located in Chembarambakkam in Chennai – Bangalore National Highway Road, Chennai.

Some rumours spread during the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1, as Oviya (a contestant of Bigg Boss Season 1) attempted suicide and police cars are surrounded over EVP theme park set where Bigg Boss House is constructed.

There is no confirmation for this rumours.


  • All the contestants are arrested inside the Bigg Boss House. They wont sent out. The contestants are no more allowed to use any communication device such as mobile phones, internet. They will be closely monitored by all the cameras located all over the house.
  • Each housemates are provided with a microphone device, which is used to track their voice. The housemates can only remove the mic while they using toilet bathrooms and during sleep time. In the rest of the time they need to wear the microphone along with them.
  • The contestants inside the house need to follow what the Bigg Boss told to them. Regarding tasks, team activities, and many other instructions that will be told by Bigg Boss. If any contestant not following the instruction given by Bigg Boss, will face the relevant punishments.
  • The contestants are not allowed to sleep during the day time. They can only allowed to sleep during the night time. If in case of physical illness they are allowed.

100 Days

This Bigg Boss Tamil reality show is continuously conducted for 100 days. The shorter version of a day will be edited and telecasted in television. Some of other interesting activities which happened in that day is also telecasted in Hotstar as seperate videos.


This reality show is hosted by popular tamil actor Kamal Haasan. He is an Indian Film actor, singer, director and multi talented Film industry person.

Nomination Process

In this Bigg Boss Tamil reality show, to finalise the winner and runner up, there is a process of elimination of other contestants is happened every week.
This elimination process is starts first with nomination process.
In this nomination process, all the housemates called individually to the confession room by Bigg Boss.

Each of the contestants are told to choose two or three contestants to nominate along with a reason.
None of the contestants are allowed to not selecting any contestants for nomination. The contestants are mandatory to say the other contestant name for this nomination process.
After getting the nominations from all the contestants the persons who was highly nominated are called for this week elimination process.

Eviction or Elimination Process

After this above nomination process, the most nominated contestants are listed and sent to elimination process.

This listed contestants are declared for the public to vote them to stay or eliminate from the house through a voting process which is conducted in Google search page with a keyword “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote”.

In this process, public viewers are allowed with 50 points to vote for the listed contestants. They can share the points to many contestants.
Finally after the voting process completed, the result will be declared in the weekend by the host.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1

In the Bigg Boss Tamil first season, the show is aired on Vijay TV. The show is hosted by Kamal Hassan.

First Season of Bigg Boss Tamil started on 25th June 2017 and finished on 30th september 2017.

Bigg Boss Tamil first season house is also constructed in the same spot EVP theme park. Right now Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 is running in the same location with a modified house.

The Bigg Boss Tamil First season Winner is Arav. He is a model and an actor who acted in limited films. Lyricst Sneghan is awarded as runner-up for Bigg Boss Tamil First Season.

Housemates of Bigg Boss Tamil First Season

1 ) Aarav

A model and actor who acted in the film Saithan. Aarav born in Nagercoil and brought up in Trichy.
Before coming to Bigg Boss Tamil, Aarav is working in short films and background characters in Cine Industry.

2) Anuya Bhagvath

Another Bigg Boss Tamil housemate is Anuya Bhagvath. Shw is a model and actress who appeared in Tamil film Industry.

One of the notable character is, she played as actress in the film Siva Manasula Sakthi. She was the first contestent who got evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1.

3) Bharani

Bharani is also a film actor from Tamil Film industry who acted in the film Naadodigal.
In Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1, Bharani is cornered by other contestants and he tried to escape from the house by climbing over the protected compound of the Bigg Boss Tamil set which is construced in EVP theme park.

After he tried to escape, Bigg Boss ejected him from the season.

4) Ganesh Venkatraman

Ganesh is a model and actor who played in many successful films. One of his noted performance are in the film “Abhiyum Naanum” and “Thani Oruvan”.

Apart from films he also participated in television shows in Vijay TV.

He got third place in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1.

5) Ganja karuppu

Ganja Karuppu is a comedian who acted in most of tamil films.

He acted in many popular films. Some of them are Naadodigal, Ram, paruthi Veeran.

6) Gayathri Raghuram

Gayathri Radhuram is a dancer, choreographer and actress in tamil film industry. She is daughter of Dance master Raghuram.

7) Harathi Ganesh

Harathi Ganesh is an actress and television personality who plays comedy role. She got married to Ganesh who is a comedy actor performs in Tamil television and film industry.

8) Maria Juliana

Maria Juliana is a commoner. Without any influence from television or films she get her place in Bigg Boss Tamil Season through her popularity in the Jallikattu Protest.

9) Namitha

Namitha is an indian film actress who played roles in many successful films.

10) Oviya

Oviya is a indian film actress who play roles in tamil and malayalam films.

11) Raiza Wilson

Raiza is a model and advertisement actress.

12) Sakthi Vasudevan

Sakthi is a tamil film actor. He is son of director P.Vasu.

13) Sneghan

Sneghan is a lyricist who wrote more than 1000 tamil songs.

14) Sri

Sri is a tamil actor who played a notable role in  the tamil film “Vazhakku En 18/9”.

15) Vaiyapuri

Vaiyapuri is a tamil comedian who worked in many tamil films.

Wildcard Contestants

1) Bindu Madhavi
2) Harish Kalyan
3) Kaajal Pasupathi
4) Suja Varunee

List of Games and Tasks in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1

Finding Childhood Photos

In this task all the contestant’s childhood photos are shown in the television that placed in the Hall.
The other contestants need to find the person from that childhood photo.

Meendum Palliku Pogalam

Meendum palliku Pogalam is the game that all the contestants are told to wear school uniform. They are behaved as students and one of the contestant is played as school teacher. In the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1, Snehan played as school teacher, all other Bigg Boss Contestants are played as school students.

In this particular game, the teacher call all other contestants and told them to do a task.

For Oviya, the teacher Snehan called and told her to say the toungue twister “Kokku nettai Kokku itta muttai Kattai Muttai”.

After hearing that Oviya told the toungue twister by singing the phrase “Kokku nettai Kokku itta muttai Kattai Muttai pa pa ba pa ba”.

This particular scene got popular over social media and many of Bigg Boss Tamil fans performed this with Dubsmash app.

Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon is a game which each contestants are called and told to dance for the song from a particular actor.

Thiruda Thiruda

This game is to stole a diamond from a protected Box. A set of housemates are told to protect it for a day. And one contestant is told to stole the diamond from the box. Sakthi Vasudevan played as a thief and stoled the diamond from the box in a day midnight, while the other contestants who delegated to protect it are sleeping at that time.

Ottam Mudindhal Aatam Mudiyum

This game Ottam Mudindhal Aatam Mudiyum in Bigg Boss Tamil is, set of 3 bicycles with stand is parked outside the Bigg Boss Tamil House near garden area.

The contestants are told to run the bicycle continuously without stopping it. Contestants can exchange one another.
If they stop means the Bigg Boss will stop the water supply in the house.

Mental Hospital

This Mental Hospital game in Bigg Boss Tamil Season is, all the contestants in the house are told as a character who are mentally ill due to a situation. The contestant will involve with that character and need to perform as a Mentally disabled person.


Laundry task is from a big container, set of clothes are passed to the contestants. The contestants are divided as two teams and the team who washed more clothes are declared as winner.

Pei Nadamattam

This task, Pei Nadamattam is a set of contestants called to confession room and told to say that ghosts are roaming in the house and atleast one of the contestant need to trust that ghost is there in house.

NRI kudumbam Vs Madurai Kudumbam

Contestants are seperated as two team. One team is told to act as a family which is returned from Foriegn and another team members are told to act as a typical madurai family.

The best performed team is declared as winner in this task.

Freeze and Release

In this game, when the Bigg Boss of the house called a contestant name and told them to Freeze. If Freeze means the called contestant need to freeze their body without moving. Until the Bigg Boss told the contestant to Release the person need to act like a statue.

Task through Telephone

In this game, each contestant are called and a task is told to them through the telephone which is placed in the Bigg Boss Tamil House.

Shutup Pannunga

In the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1, during a fight between Ganja Karuppu and Oviya, Oviya confronted her by saying “Neenga konjam Shutup Pannunga” to Ganja Karuppu.

This Shutup Pannunga term got popular in social media and trended for a while. After that word popularity a song got released from the film Baloon which was composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Trigger Sakthi

The Bigg Boss Tamil contestant Sakthi told to the co contestants with a word Trigger. The same word he repeated again and again during the conversation with other housemates.

Due to that he is nick named as Trigger Sakthi by Social Media. Many memes are created with his name and trended over internet.

Maruthuva Mutham

Another controversial thing happened in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1. As Oviya a Bigg Boss contestant fell in love with Aarav another Bigg Boss Contestant. As Oviya is so much obsessed with Aarav, she roam around Aarav always.

As told by Aarav to the host Kamal Hassan, he kissed Oviya just to heal her from the obsession with him.
This named as maruthuva Mutham as Kamal Hassan and this particular term “Maruthuva Mutham” got popularity over the internet and memes.

Hate towards Julie

Julie one of the contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil, She first accepted by the audience since she is a normal commoner to the show. After some days roll on she not playing loyal and behaved as chameleon, Changing her stand place to place and person to person.

This results her negative publicity over the internet and so much hate responses came in social media.

Popularity of Oviya

As Oviya played true from her heart and being unique from other contestants, at one particular time a group of co contestants neglected Oviya and cornered Her. During a point of time Sakthi tries to slap Oviya in her Face.

Oviya confronted him with his braveness. This act and many other small small acts make Oviya impressed over the audience and she get more and more popularity in the internet and also in Tamilnadu.

Sneghan Kattipudi Vaidhiyam

Sneghan, One of the contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1. He hugs his co contestants who are feeling badly or losing hope, He hugs them and recover from their situation.

While Sneghan always performing his hugging treatment with mostly women contestants, people over the internet trolled him with the name Kattipudi Vaidhiyar.

Is Bigg Boss Tamil is scripted?

There are many statements, videos and images mentioning Bigg Boss Tamil is completely scripted during the first two to three weeks of the program telecasted. There is no proper proof to say that it is scripted.

But after running for 50+ days it looks as real and people support the individuality of all.

Is Bigg Boss Tamil Hit or Flop?

Many people claimes that Bigg Boss Tamil is a biggest flop and it supports advertisements and illuminati works behind it. But in the reality the Bigg Boss Tamil Season is a acceptable hit in the Tamil Television industry.

During the time of telecast, majority of people in Tamilnadu talks about Bigg Boss and that is a great sign for the success of this show.

That’s all about Bigg Boss Tamil Vote (Online Voting Poll) Details. To know more latest news and updates about bigg boss tamil, Check out below and stay tune for more updates in biggbosstamil.

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  1. Aishwarya is waste plz plz send her out ma 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 oh she I’ll not get any fans like oviya only know to act and throw grabage on balaji ah fully acting she and her eyes and eyebrows chi …….. All double game she is playing. And telling on mumthaz oh ..throw her out . Kamal Sir if u send her only we will see bigg boss because of her the hole game is going wrong………

  2. Ishwarya oru pen mathiriye illai. Atharku Julie ya parava illai. Enna mathiri pen aval. Mahat oru padi mel. Yashika remba nadikira. piragu Deniel. Ivanga 4 peralum Bigg boss paarkkave pidikkalai. Iswarya Nominate aanaalenu santhosa patta adutha vinadiye save panna pattal, Yen ippadi?????

  3. யோ பிக்பாஸ் உன்ன எதல அடிச்ச உனக்கு புத்தி வரும் கமலுக்கும் அறிவும் இல்லை புத்தியும் இல்லை இந்த லட்சணத்தல அரசியல் வேற இந்த ஷோ யை உன்னாலா ஒழுங்க நடத்த துப்பு இல்ல இதல நீ தமிழ்நாட்டை நடத்த போற கிழிஞ்சிறும் மக்களே இந்த ஷோ வை பத்தி சொன்னது சரியா தப்பா சொல்லுங்க..
    ஐஸ்வர்யா எலிமிநேட் ஆனுதும் யாஷிகாக்கு ஒரு பவர் கொடுத்து இப்படி அவள காப்பத்த துடிக்கர இந்த பிக்பாஸ் அதை கண்டுகாம பூம் பூம் மாடு மாதிரி தலையாட்டிடு போர கமல் இவர்கள் பன்னுவது சரியா நீங்கள் சொல்லுங்கள்

  4. TRPkkaga Mahat and Ishwarya seiyum keyvalamana seyalgalai kaikatti nindu parkkum kamal;hasanin Arasiyal yedhirkalam nandraga therigirathu… He is unfit for Hosting and Politics. This is not a reality show… Fake show. Guys Please dont watch this show… They are cheating.. Bigg Boss is a fucki…. Cheater.

  5. Pls eliminate yashika anand, Aiswarya dutta and mahat ragavendra from Bigg Boss tamil most wurst in this show and pls add the wild card on this show definitely………

  6. கமல்சார் ,20/08/2018 சார் பிக் பாஸ் வரவர படு மட்டமாக போகிறது ஐஸ்வர்யா ,மகத், டேனியல் இவர்கள் செய்யும் தவறுகளை சுட்டிகாட்டவோ ,கண்டிப்பதோ இல்லை 12/08 சனிக்கிழமை ஐஸ்வர்யா கத்தி கூச்சலிட்டதை பார்க்க அருவெருப்பாக இருந்த்து இந்த முறை” Bigbiss” 00000 கமல் சார்உ ங்கள் பங்கும்000000

  7. Friends plsss don’t vote for mumtaz because she is really a fake person. she is acting everyday. she is overacting because she is being supported by some people. if those people stop supporting her, her real face will come out.. so plsssss don’t support her or vote for her. PLEASE!!!

  8. Aiyshwryaku nominate awina ewnum vote pannadiga. Awl epidi alura mai nadikural. P mahath ade ni inga wandu paru ni than knock out pannuwen. Ponna mahat

  9. I am surprised Kamal has let this descend into a dumb show. The episode on Dictatorship was a disaster. Have they not heard about benevolent dictatorship? Is the objective of the show not to help participants gain in popularity and acceptability?
    How can they model the episode after Hitler? And one of the participants had the gumption to say such dictatorship was common in the Gulf countries! It’s a pity she and the administrators can’t differentiate between a benevolent monarchy and dictatorship! And Kamal presides over all thsi nonsense!

  10. Daniel nominate aanadhunala indha week good person maadhri act pannitu aita piragu aduthavangala kindal panradhu,taskla yaarachum win panna accept pannama irupar.aishwarya, yashika,Mahat,daniel.ivangalam eliminate aaganum.

  11. Icewarya and mahadh thayavu senji velila anupunga icewaryakku pesa kuda therila periyavangala eppadi pesanumunu therila but icewarya and mahadh velila vantha kandipa serupadi than vanguvanga but Bigg boss is sema unmaiyana mugatha makkalta katranga athanala icewarya and mahadh mental gunam therinjiduchi so icewarya and mahadh munja adikadi antha rendu naingaloda munja kamikathiga chennal matha vendiyatha irukku but mumdhaj and rithu sema character i love mumdhaj

  12. Yaru yaruku vena pannunga but ishwarya epdiyavatho eliminate aganum but ava eviction la illa ava eviction process la vanthana epdiyavathu eliminate panniye aganum…pls

  13. I’m really feel sorry about kamalhasa
    Y not taking serious step against mahat
    He has done many physical vilonce to others.
    Only one time ponamballam did it that too not serious.
    Very shame of Vijay tv and Bigg boss

  14. I don’t know y..y u saving Aishwarya,mahat..both are doing worst in this house in any way..this s public show..I want to ask question to Kamal sir..without reason they are nomiting rythvika or some other one..reason ha correct ha neega judge Panna maatigala..big boss hu ku Seri and including u sir.just a thought.. mostly u won’t see my comment..just I shared..many thing there from many people..sollanu thonuchu

  15. Bigg boss plz send Aishwarya plz plz she is totally 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 *zero* plz send her out.. She doesn’t know to behave in media she and her attitude. fully waste.. only know to acting. nothing else… She wants to be be like oviya ah chii she doesn’t have any fans including me plz send her out

  16. Tis big boss tamil2 is very very waste worst. Candidates r haven’t any talent. And only that r acting till now .. only two days per week kamalhassan is there in shows like Saturday and Sunday .. now also tis days also boring because candidates and big boss bosses r waste…. Ur ideas also waste…. We r don’t didn’t like…..

  17. பிக்பாஸ் ஷோ ன்னு ஒரு ஷோ நடத்தி உங்க டிஆர்பி ரேட் அதிக படுத்திக்க எங்களை முட்டாளாக்கா பாக்கரிங்களா ஒரு ஷோ வை ஒழுங்க நடத்த மாட்டிங்களா ? ஐஸ்வர்யா மற்றும் யாஷிக்கா வை காப்பாற்ற நீங்க அவளுங்களுக்கு வக்காழத்து வாங்கிட்டு இருக்கிங்க பிக்காஸ். கமல் அதுக்கு மேலா ஜாலரா அடிச்சிக்கிட்டு இருக்கார். பிக்பாஸ் 2 யில் எவ்வளவு விதிமுறைகள் கடைப்பிடிக்காம நடந்திட்டு இருக்கு. இதை கமலும் கொஞ்சம் கூட தட்டி கேட்கறது இல்லை. ஒருஷோ வில் நடைபெறும் தவறை தட்டிக் கேட்காத இவர் நாட்டில் நடைபெறும் தவறவா தட்டி கேட்க போவாரா? இந்த மானங்கெட்ட ஷோ வை நடத்தரக்கிறதுக்கு பதிலா மூடிட்டு போகலாம்

  18. Bigbos mumtaz age kuda respect kudukala yaarum avaga ethu pesunalum senjalum thappu sonna
    Epd? Mumtaz going on correct way plz understand peoples

  19. Cheapest characters… Mahat ..ais…. Yaash… What the hell is going on….really irritating…kamal ji Pls… Teach them to respect people’s feelings… Totally disapoiting…

    • True……these like mahat..iswaryadevi…yashika. Three guys r bad .now joining dany too. irritating character.. . Please kamal sir teach them correct lesson how we respect others…. And mumtaz have great patience if she is acting or not …that is different. But they r hurting her too much ….even we r audience watching the TV but I cannot control the anger Mumtaz is great control her feelings….

  20. மஹத், யாஷிகா & ஐஷ்வர்யாவும் சேர்ந்து கொண்டு பாவம் மும்தாஜை கேவலப்படுத்தி பேசி வருகிறார்கள். அதை மற்ற கழுதைப்புலிகள் வேடிக்கை பார்த்து கொண்டு உள்ளனர்.(வைஷ்னவியை தவிர)(கேவலமான ஜந்துக்கள்).

  21. Mahath’s character worst then ladies there ….. Ramya playing double role . Ramya , Yaashika , Mahath kurum padam podanum !! We public are waiting fr that

  22. திரு பிக் பாஸ் தயவு செய்து
    ஐஸ்வர்யா மற்றும் மஹத்தை வெளியில் அனுப்புங்கள்
    நீங்கள் எப்படியாவது இவர்களை வாரம் வாரம் காப்பற்றுவதை பார்க்கும்போது
    சிலபேர் சொல்வதைப் போல் trp காகத் தான் நீங்கள் பார்கிறீர்களோ என்று எனக்கும் நினைக்க தோன்றுகிறது

  23. ஐஷ்வர்யாவ பிக் பாஸ் வீட்ட விட்டு வெளியே அனுப்புங்க.அவ ஒரு பைத்தியம். வயசுக்கு கூட மரியாதை குடுக்காமா எல்லாரயும் இழிவா பெசுறா.

  24. iswarya & yasika doing personal violence in the task. Mumtaj is good ledy
    What game this kamal sir…like children play….little bid fight…starting I see show.. …now I’m not interested to see…family and also my friend all not interested to see this game. because mahat doing sex violent with iswarya & yasika this show is fake….I see ready….season one ok…but this time very bad in mature some people
    BiggBoss show irratating tamilians….there support/encourage noth Indians (ais & yas) and demote south Indians. Pls all stop watch this show. who is that biggbose owner he fooling tamilnadu people and every week eliminate tamil guys. then saving iswarya & yasika and this people dominated tamil guys. biggboss support
    Yasika iswarya ientha rendu parum elemenate anathan Bigg boss house nallah ierukum
    mahat playing unfar games physical voilance many times but still no action dont knwo y ? because he is rich and friend of simbu

  25. I didn’t like the voting systems.they are discussing and putting there votes and also planning for whom to vote.we want bigg boss to take actions.

  26. pls remove the girl Aishwarya dutta,Yashika aanand and Mahat raghavendra what those people doing the performance this season is worst season . don’t spoil the vijay tv . pls mr kamal pls stop the program.

  27. Just hate to see the faces of Yashika, Aishwarya and Mahat. Why is that Mahat dancing by listening to these two *****. This fellow Mahat was all close to Mumtaz while they were doing the last task and now he is saying Mumtaz is playing all games well by listening to Aishwarya who is not at all immature, actually very smart she is. Now they are raising finger at Mumtaz and saying she was the one who asked everyone to nominate Janani and this poor girl don’t know how to talk like those two **** and trusting Mahat who is actually going by two ladies. Yashika and Aishwarya both are taking it personal over Janani.

  28. அடுத்த போட்டியாளர்களாக நம்ப வீட்டு மாப்பிள்ளையில் அபார்மதி போன்றவர்களை அனுப்பினால்தான் ஒரு சிலரின் ( யாஷிகா&ஐஷ்வர்யா)கொட்டம் அடங்கி சுவரசியம் கூடும்.😊

      • அந்த இரண்டு பேரையும் எப்போதுமே பிக்பாஸ் காப்பாற்றது வேலையாபோச்சி தவறு அவங்க மேல இருந்தும் அதை கமல் பிக்பாஸ் கண்டு கொள்வதே கிடையாது ஷோ வை பார்க்க கூடிய மக்களை முட்டாளக்க பார்கிறார்கள்

  29. iswarya & yasika doing personal violence in the task
    i saw latest task momalattam mahat doing violence but they did not telling anything but Sendrayan onlu block but they runaway .. but they telling sendrayan doing violence .. clearly swoing they both showing personal violence.. kamal sir want to ask this….

    • Because Janani is cute and talented. She is a popular actress too. Proper South indian girl that’s why Aishwarya is not able control her jealousy feel over Janani. South indian girls won’t be arrogant as Aishwarya. How she was brought up by her mother yaar…

  30. Yaru sollurathaiyum kekavena frds neenga big boss show parunga yaru fake ku nu therium
    Mumtaz kevalamaga veliyadura
    Rithuvika balaji and daniel is good
    Daniel not fake apidi fake na madirupa dainel game nalla ha veliyaduva
    Vaisunaviku daniel ok apm ellaruma daniel ha solluringala frist nama epidi erukom think panunga apm daniel ha sollam ok expect me also naan yarium hurt panna ha sry

    Thank frds

  31. Wat game this kamal sir…like children play….little bid fight…starting I see show…now I’m not interested to see…family…n also my friend all not interested to see this game…this show is fake….I see ready….season one ok…but this time very bad….closed the show kamal sir why waste u time energy…

  32. Really shame to see bigg boss 2 bcoz…tey ol play dirty…how fair mahath physical voilance to girl…itz in rules in bigg boss show???
    Respon plz

  33. Please bigg boss please put the two bitches of the house out yashika and aishwarya spoiling the others and audience are eager to see them out for some physical violence

  34. BiggBoss show irratating tamilians….there support/encourage noth Indians (ais & yas) and demote south Indians. Pls all stop watch this show .

  35. Why bigg boss vote polling end up to thursday night.. some reason behind this….
    Anyway i wish to save Daniel this week…. Mahath might be thalaivar next week…. he must eliminate from show as soon.

  36. Riythvika 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


    you Riythvika

  37. நான் இந்த பிக் பாஸ் நிகழ்ச்சியில் கலந்து கொள்ள அசை படிகிரேன் என்னை போன்ற சாமானியனுக்கு வாய்ப்பு கிடைக்குமா பிக் பாஸ் வேரும் சினிமா காரர்களுக்காக மட்டும் தானா??? சாமானியன் பெரும் வோட் போட மட்டும் தானா ??
    நான் பங்கேர்க்க ஆசை படுகிறேன்…

  38. My vote is for Daniel….. Daniel should not leave this week,,, he should stay for two more weeks… Before that Vaishnavi and Mahath has to leave from this show….Daniel is better than Vaishnavi and Mahath,,,,,,,,,

  39. Plz save janani and rithwika.. if janani and rithwika get evicted then aishwarya and yashika will be happy forever .. bcoz they hate janani and rithvika … and im sure janani and rithwika is very much better then the aishwarya and yashika… so i wish she have to be thr…. if janani or rithwika evicted this week thn aiswarya and yashika think that tn people are not supporting to tn girls and tn people are foolz…. if it hapn thn aishwarya and yashika going to be win… plz save janani and rithwika.. we will not going to allow them to happy… they insulted tamil girls , they r not deserved to be thr… vote for vaishnavi to evict danni

  40. ரித்விகாவுக்கு இப்போது கொஞ்சம் அழகு என்ற திமிர் வந்து விட்டது.நாமினேஷன் பன்னவர்களுடன் சேர்த்து கொண்டு பாவம் வைஷ்ணவியை ரொம்ப கேவலமாக பேசுகிறாள் நாயி.

      • மும்தாஜ் ரொம்ப நடிக்கிராங்க
        அவங்க பிரட்சனையை கெழப்பி விடுராங்க அவங்கள eliminate
        பன்னுங்க Daniel is nice to person so Daniel is save and mumtaz Very bad

  41. Friends ellarum indha 9th week eviction prosess la irruka daniel aa thavara matha ellathukum vote pannunga yean nan daniel ku vote panna venan nu sonnena avuru romba fake aaa irukaru


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