Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 3 – Oviya proposed Aarav, Juliana Cries


27th June, 2017: Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 3 (on 27/06/2017) – Here is complete written update of Day 3 in Bigg Boss tamil.  

The episode begin with day 2 night 10.30pm, Bigg Boss called all contestant to sit in the lobby for an important announcement. The nominees for Eviction has been called. Each participant seperately called to confession room and they nominated two indiviual peer contestant.

The three Eviction nominees for first week is Anuya, Shree and Juliana. Most of the members nominated Shree due to his lack of interest towards the show. Anuya is next most voted participant, the reason most of people gave because She don’t talk much in tamil and also not interacting with others.

Interestingly Juliana has been nominated by many because of her over activity on first day. The day goes and everyone went to bed after a wonderful first day.

Day 1 – Ramzan day: All contestant came together and wished everyone ‘Eid Mubarak’. Leader Snehan also requested Bigg Boss for briyani to celebrate the festival day. Everyone discussed each other and day goes to afternoon season.

Bigg Boss called Leader Snehan to confession room and gave a letter to read infornt of all contestant. In the letter Bigg boss mentioned to divide total participant as different team to do all work in house.

Snehan responsible for all work by dividing 14 other contestants as three diferent group. Group 1 for Cooking – Gayathri, Aarthi, Aarav, Shree, Sakthivel has went to prepare food. The team going to make food for next one week.

Team 2 for Dish wash – Juliana, Raiza Wilson, Oviya and Vaiyapuri interested to clean the cooking and eating dishes. Team 3 for Cleaning – Other contestants like Namitha, Ganja Karuppu, Ganesh Venkatraman, Bharani joined for the work.

During Cooking, Gayathri Raghuram and Aarthi has chat with Juliana regarding her Jallikattu protest. While other preparing food, Oviya and Raiza relaxing outside in the house, then Aarav has chat with them.

Oviya and Raiza asked Aarav whether he have girlfriend, He replied, He is single and breakup with a girl a year back. Then oviya just proposed him, ‘Why not we both love, I like you and your beard’.

At the end in night, Bigg Boss again called all contestant to sit in the lobby and asked Snehan to read out the letter. In the letter it mentioned, Every individual should answer in front of other why they will be winner of ‘Bigg Boss’ title.

Each person said their own viewpoint, when Juliana turn came, She explain her situation and background from where she came from and talked emotionally. Sakthi gets anger by the way Julie talked and bashed her.

With the way Sakthi cornered Juliana, She get upset and cried in a seperate room. Then Ganesh Venkatraman gave some confident words to feel her confortable. That’s the day 2 ends.

That’s Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 3 – Oviya proposed Aarav, Juliana Cries. Stay tune here for daily updated of Bigg Boss Tamil.