Fathima Babu Evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil 3 – Week 2

The first elimination of Bigg boss Tamil season 3 has been announced. With no surprise, Fathima babu has been evicted from the show after receiving less number of votes among other nominees. The 50-year-old actress failed to impress the audience during the first two weeks in the show.

The other nominees for week 2 include Mathumitha, Saravanan, Kavin, Sakshi, Cheran. Fathima seems not much active inside Bigg boss house during her course of time. The public voting made through a hotstar app in which all 6 nominees listed to know the opinion of the audience.

Fathima Babu Evicted

During the first week, there is no eviction since the makers let housemates know each other. For the second week, each contestant nominates two other members to evict from the game. Among others, Madhumitha and Meera Mithun received the most number of votes inside the house.

However, Madhumitha is the one who received the most number of votes from the audience and gets saved from elimination. Kamal Haasan revealed the news at the end of the Saturday show and Madhumitha cried out after came to know the audience support for her.

Fathima Babu is the first person who entered Bigg boss Tamil season 3 house and also the first person to get evicted from the house. Likewise, the track record of the big boss, the senior members inside the house usually got eliminate during the first few weeks. And its continue with Bigg Boss season 3 in Tamil.

As per the people respond to the first two weeks the next eviction will be Vanitha Vijayakumar or else Mohan Vithya if they nominated for the third-week elimination process. The new contestants from other countries Losliya, Tharshan and Mugen Rao seem to be peoples’ favorite so far since they did not involve in much banter with others during the first two weeks.

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  1. This is nothing but age discrimination. If you see Vanitha is irritating and she makes us not to watch the show. Some how they twist the show keep Vanitha playing the game because of dramatic environment. Which keeps the show going anyways your voice will be suppressed.

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