Love between Shivani and Balaji Murugadoss?

Bigg boss season 4 is getting new dimensions every day with all new controversy and tasks among the contestants. In the addition, the cute romance story is a building between the young contestants Shivani Narayanan and Balaji Murugadoss. The participants seem to get closer to each other inside the house.

As we have witnessed such stories in previous seasons with the likes of Aarav – Oviya, Mahat -Yaashika, Kavin – Losliya, now Shivani and Balaji showing some interest in each other. Is there really something between both of them? Let’s wait and see in upcoming episodes.

Shivani Balaji Murugadoss Love Bigg Boss

So far Balaji Murugadoss projected himself as a busy contender inside the house by involving in all tasks and banter among the participants. He raised his voice for all issues and stand beside contestants when they are in trouble. By showing such character, Balaji started grabbing the attention of the audience over the weeks.

On the other hand, Shivani Narayanan is totally opposite to Balaji Murugadoss. She seems silent inside the house and doesn’t involve in much of the chaos. The opposite poles get attracted to each other that Shivani showing some interest in Balaji Murugadoss. Adding fuel to the engine, The co-contestants Gabriela and Ajeedh gossip about each other and help them get closer.

With daily tasks and individual performances, the audiences expecting something new each day. Maybe to keep the engagement, Bigg Boss producers developing some special tasks to mingle both of them together in the coming weeks. So far two contestants evicted from the show in four weeks, Velmurugan and Rekha.

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