Meera Mithun Evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil – Week 5 Result

After the most controversial last week, Meera Mithun finally evicted from Bigg boss Tamil season 3. The popular Vijay Tv game show in limelight after a conflict between Meera and Cheran during the task.

For the fifth week, six contestants have been nominated for eviction. The list of housemates includes Saravanan, Cheran, Kavin, Sakshi, Abirami and Meera Mithun. As per the earlier predict, Sakahi expected to eliminate from the show. However, during the group task in midweek, the entire story turns around.

Meera Evicted Bigg Boss Tamil

The task theme of the week is housemates to divide into two teams and act as a village people. In one of the task, Cheran touched Meera to get a ‘Sembu’ which given to him. Meera Mithun, who claimed that Cheran misbehaved with her by touching in private parts.

Cheran, One of the ace film director of the Tamil cinema industry who felt ashamed for the false propagation claimed over him by Meera. We felt bad and melted down with tears, however, housemates support him and made him feel comfortable.

The whole drama made everything up to down, as predicted earlier instead of Sakshi, Meera Mithun evicted from the house. After seeing the clip, Cheran doesn’t seem to touch her purposely. The video has been viral on social media and audience felt bad for Cheran and they desperately want Meera to out of the game.

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That result Cheran to get the most number of votes among other contestants Kavin, Sakshi, Abirami, and Saravanan. With the least number of vote, Meera Mithun journey from Bigg boss 3 has been officially ended. She is the fourth housemate to pack her bag after Fathima Babu, Vanitha, and Mohan Vaidya.

Our Public Opinion Poll Result for Week 5: 

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Result

With lots of twist and turn, Bigg boss Tamil 3 gaining more popularity among the audience. The TRP of Vijay Television during the weekdays expected to be high while comparing with other channels. With Vanitha and Meera evicted from the house, can we expect any more spicy controversy in the game? Let’s wait and watch.

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