Mohan Vaidya Evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 – Week 4 Result

Mohan Vaidya has been eliminated from Bigg Boss season 3 during the third-week eviction process. The older housemate of the season failed to impress the audience which results in him to end his journey from the show.

Mohan Vaidya, who seems to be worried about his personal life inside their house and not much active with the task. He was nominated during the third-week eviction process along with other 4 contestants.

Mohan Vaidya Evicted Bigg Boss

The other 4 contestants on aminated along with Mohan Vaidya includes Abhirami, Saravanan, Meera Mithun, and Cheran. Among the other contestants, Mohan Vidya received a lesser number of votes during the eviction poll which conducted in the Hotstar app.

Notably, Mohan Vaidya is the third contestants who officially evicted from Bigg Boss season 3. Earlier in the first week, Fatima Babu has been eliminated and later in the second week of polling Vanitha Vijayakumar evicted.

After the exit of Vanita, the excitement of the show gone down during the fourth week. The housemaid seems to be nice to each other and not involved much in bander with others. The audience is Kinley waiting for the new wild card contestants you can add some fuel to the show to make it alive. Reportedly Vijay TV popular actress Alya Manasa white enter the house in the upcoming week.

Week 4 Highlights: With the exit of Vanitha Vijayakumar from the show, there is no big controversy inside the house for the week. The week goes focusing more on Kavin how he handled his relationship with Sakshi and Losylia. With a piece of chocolate, there is a conflict between the girls who look close to Kavin.

Both Sakshi and Losylia rejected Kavin which makes him depressed. On the other hand, Meera Mithun has been targeted for all her activities which made her outrage with other contestants. At the end of the week, Mohan Vaidya has been sent off from bigg boss Tamil 3 house.

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  1. very intresting show,, but i don’t like sakshi completely she is lie always also losliya like nothing there. always make an issues and cry themselves for nothing. looks like acting alot, mugen vaalzha good job ya mugen and tharshan . also sometime tarshan was melt with sherin duno for what and cheran is make us irritate by giving solutions and talking to others. reshma is (best lalan) she is not stable in one matter also. mathu its better control your mouth. saravanan came for a tv show but not well his contributions. mohan vayithya ku oru bigg kumbudu,, don’t simply hug and kiss all its showing you that u are a p_ _ _ _ _. its not apt for ur age. its better u get lose frm this show. sandy good move but dont keep the same route always it become bore. and dressing sense out abhirami sakshi especially also reshma pls guys dont show your blady parts its gettin irritating and it become vomiting. female must be female and queen., stay strong all contestent.

  2. சாண்டி மாஸ்டர் பிக் பாஸ் இல் அருமையாக நடனம் ஆடுகிறார் அதே போல் காமெடியும் நன்றாக செய்கிறார்

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